A New Earth

The world outside and the world inside us

September 5, 2021


We are living i two worlds, namely, the world outside and the world inside.

The World Outside

The world outside is created for us by others, a product of their wild imagination and fantasy. It is not our world. We are only herded to live into their world. They want us to believe that it is the only true world. But it is their own making and we are forced to accept and adapt to their world. We are only to accept the kind of world they offer us.

We accept the minimum wage they impose on us. We accept the kind and quality of education they offer us. With our meagre income and resources, we are forced to live in a predetermined neighborhood and community.

Many are forced to live in slum areas, while others simply go homeless. A few are able to rent a small space. But the majority are unable to own a house.

We are to obey the laws and regulations they enacted for us. Failure to comply means penalty. Violation can mean incarceration and marginalization from the mainstream world.

We have no choice. They control our thoughts, feelings, aspirations, visions, dreams, and behavior. Grudgingly, we accept or suffer from indignation and poverty. We are imprisoned into their world, with guards standing all around to keep us in check. They don’t want us to go astray. They say it’s for our own good.

The World Inside

But there is another world inside us. This is the world of consciousness who is steadily aware of what is going on in the external world, but without being influenced and dictated by the dynamics of the external world. It is simply aware and in communion with itself, observant of what is going on around.

But it is not passive or inactive. It has the innate power and capability to influence its body, mind, and psychosocial behavior. It has the magic and gift to influence our thoughts, feelings, behavior, and other machinations of the mind. Through this powerful influence, it sends out electromagnetic energies and vibrations that are able to influence the outside world.

The inner world is pure, spotless, unsoiled by the dusts and clays of the body, brain, mind as well as the pollutions, toxicities, impurities surrounding us in the atmosphere. It cannot be contaminated by the chemicals that are bombarding our environment daily. It cannot be afflicted by the infectious coronavirus.

Unlike the external world, the inner world is free. It can do whatever it desires, subject only to its own-designed laws and those divinely inspired.

The world inside is joyous and blissful. The world outside is tormenting, enmeshed in pain and suffering, deceptive, exploitative, and manipulative.

Whose world are you living in? Which world is influencing your thoughts, feelings, personality, and lifestyle?

It's now time to build a New Earth

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 9, 2021


But who will build and construct it for us? Europe and America are getting more serious and aggressive in building their respective world with one vision, mission, goal, government and with one leader, one religion, one culture, one economy, one banking system, one currency, one people, one education, one mass media, one army, etc.

In the East, China, Russia, and India are leading the race while the rest like South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh are still on the defensive mode against the intrusion of these colonizers on their territories.

The Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula are not yet active in gaining global power, as they're still enmeshed in their own respective internal and intranational squabbles. Africa is already under the stronghold of China.

But the kind of New Earth they're herding us to live is violent, not conducive to living in peace and harmony. As Immanuel Kant, in his "Toward Perpetual Peace", said:

"The natural state of men is not peaceful co-existence but war - not always open hostilities, but at least an unceasing threat of war".

Somebody has to spell out the people's concept of a New World that includes the entire human race. We can no longer remain in the passive and fatalistic modes. It's our future and that of our children that are at stake.

But who will do this for us? Sadly, nobody but us. Yet, is it possible for us as a people to unite considering the fact that we are very much divided in our vision, beliefs, and political affiliation?

The question is simple but the answer is quite complex and not clear. How I wish we can have a simple answer to a very complex question.

Whose World Are We Trying to Build and Maintain?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – May 25, 2021


We can only utilize the lessons we learned then and harness them as our foundation for building a new world today and which we hope will be realized tomorrow.

But whose world are we looking back and learning lessons from? Is it our own little world or the world built for us by others through the ages? Knowing this makes a great difference.

Alone, we can never transform the world that has been built by others for us. We are simply a drop in a bucket. No matter how much we will dream to transform the external world, our dream will always remain a dream, a product of our fantasy that only nourishes the builders of our nation. We are simply doomed to fail. There's no such a thing as a world flowing with milk and honey, a land of promise, or an American dream.

We must look first and foremost at the world we shaped for ourselves in the past. What kind of world was I living in the past that led me to where and what I am now? How was that world of mine shaped? Was it a result of my conscious acts and free will or choice? Or, was it a product of some external impositions?

Today, we are going into a long process of sincere self-questioning in order to know where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats were. In the past, we may not have been able to do this, maybe because, at our tender age, we may not still possess the skill and awareness to seriously examine our life. Or, if we did, we failed to do so for some valid reasons perhaps.

But we should now be able to do this. We can now recall our elementary days, high-school days, college days, and so on. We can now examine the force and energy that impelled us to build the kind of lifestyle we live then. We can now do an honest-to-goodness, soul- searching examination of our past life.

This is different from the examination of conscience that we must have learned from our teachers in the past. We are now searching for the entire dimension of our past that includes our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that we failed to do so then.

We can't just change our life today by starting from zero. We have to be grounded. We are a product of our past, as a result of our own action or some admonitions from our parents and elders. We are not trying now to blame others for what we have become today.

If real and genuine self-transformation is to be realized, we ought only to blame ourselves or get the erroneous tendency of kneeling before others, bowing our heads, kissing their feet, saying Namaste, and allow them to enlighten us and forgive our sins. In many ways, though, these gestures are necessary as a form of our respect to others. But the burden of forgiveness primarily rests on ourselves. We can either forgive ourselves or not.

Our recollection of the past is not one of finding faults alone. Our role now is something bigger, by exploring a wider horizon of our own little world in the past--our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that we failed to do so then, but now we will examine more deeply why we failed to do it then.

Alone, in silence and solitude, we need to do a long process of self-reflection. We need to start today, not tomorrow. This is an inevitable necessity, though may not be necessarily always correct because times and circumstances always change, and they require new responses.

We have to start here and now, not there and hereafter. We need to start today so we will be able to resurrect the various lessons we learned from our past life. Making them alive today can reenergize our life anew and trigger us to move on, and, by our strong resolve and conviction, we can do it resolutely, no matter what.

But this is not also an assurance or a guarantee that we can be better off today than yesterday. It will entirely depend on the value and worth of these lessons to our own personal life. It will also depend on how we will relentlessly pursue them in our daily life from moment to moment.

In the final analysis, life is primarily learning lessons from moment to moment and it is from what we learn daily that we will be able to transform our little world today and, hopefully, our future.

A new important edited portion in my article had to be done because I believe in the power of confession. As Jesus told his apostles, “‘As the Father has sent me, even so I send you.’ And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and said to them, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit. If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained’” (John 20:21–23). It's the Holy Spirit that does the forgiveness done in a ritual form through the priests as the emissaries of Jesus.

Here is the edited portion.....

"If real and genuine self- transformation is to be realized, we ought only to blame ourselves or get the erroneous tendency of kneeling before others, bowing our heads, kissing their feet, saying Namaste, and allow them to enlighten and forgive our sins. In many ways, though, these gestures are necessary as a form of respect to others. But the burden of forgiveness primarily rests on ourselves. We can either forgive ourselves or not."