A New Humanity

A Shift in Human Consciousness


Humanity is undergoing a shift in consciousness that is going in three different directions. As a result, Earth is also experiencing a grand planetary split that, in turn, impacts on all the planets, stars, and galaxies of the entire Cosmos.

We are the prime movers of the entire process of the world’s cosmic evolutionary journey and others out there in another space-time dimension are watching us in awe on how we have been able to do this. Amazed by our courage and bravery, they are willing to extend their help to us.

Some of us are ascending to the higher planetary realm, others descending into the lower realm. Many still remain stagnant on the same realm, satisfied just to maintain their present state of living, lifestyle, and mindset. Each of these realms is being watched and guided by both benevolent and malevolent forces out there.

Each of us is already riding in one of these planetary shifts. The kind of life we live in the past have led us to who and where we are now and it has been our choice to continue moving on along our chosen path. We have the power to either enhance our planetary ascend or journey towards our self-destruction.

It’s all in our hands. It has been our decision to choose which of the three planes of life and existence we wanted to be. We can still make up our minds should we decide to change or abandon the spaceship we are riding on at the moment.

But should we opt to go up higher in the ladder, we have to increase our level of vibration and energy so we can align ourselves with the frequency of the higher planetary system, otherwise we will be left behind.

A New Story About the Cosmos and Humanity

January 9, 2022


There are still so many things to discuss about life and the Cosmos we're living in. I tried to put some of them into simple words and sentences and published them in book form. Understandably, I know that not everyone is ready to read and share my books to others since they are merely stories of an individual trying to survive and outlive a turbulent planet.

But, as I learned from others, I never underestimate what one story can provoke to someone's life. It can transform one's life forever as what the simple lives of Albert Einstein, Max Planck, David Bohm, as well as St. Therese, Mother Teresa, Paramahamsa Yogananda and Ramana Maharishi, in their young and tender age, did to many in this world.

My story may not be significant enough to trigger a dramatic, global impact, yet big enough for me to leave a legacy for the generations to come.