Time and Infinity

by Paul J. Dejillas

May 9, 2022


Time and infinity cannot go together. If time is infinite, then, it has no time limit or duration. Time is only used here on earth to indicate that something happened before what is happening now or that something is happening after what I have done before.


A comes before B and C comes before B.

Or A is above B and C is below B.

Or A is the above left side of B and C is above right side of B.


Time is like a GPS or a compass. It points the direction of some things and events—to the north, east, west, or south and we are guided by it when we want to go that place or realm or dimension. Time is like a signal. This way, that way, dead end, cul de sac, you have to turn back in the opposite direction. And time differ from one zone to another. That’s why we experience several time zones here. New York, California, Italy, Europe, China, Russia, etc.

Infinity does not have any of these signals or directions. If you have that feeling of infinity in you, then, it is subjective. Example, waiting for the signal of the Internet to come back can be an experience of infinity, infinite agony, suffering. Infinity belongs to another dimension of life and existence. There is no infinity here on earth.

Time As Another Dimension Is Coequal with Space

June 12, 2020


It was Albert Einstein who radically changed the classical conception of time. His special relativity theory advances that time is not a separate and isolated concept. It is another dimension and is on equal footing with space. One cannot experience space without experiencing time at the same time. The two are inseparable partners.

The union of these two elements gives birth to the concept “space-time”, thus, constituting our four-dimensional reality, i.e., three for space and one for time. Like space, Einstein also advanced that time is warped, twisted, and bent by the massive objects that lay on top of its fabric. It has its curvatures too. When any object, for example, is thrown into the air, it curves back to the ground because Earth distorts the fabric of space-time around it.

Time warp is an imaginary distortion that explains the movements of things and objects. But it’s good to note that while time is considered as the fourth dimension, it’s not the same as a spatial dimension.

There is another way of viewing time and this is by viewing it from a higher perspective or dimension, where the individual observer is able to look at time in all dimensions and directions.

In the 4-D realm, all events are happening at the same time in different realms. Thus, there is no distinction between past and future. The past, present, and future are laid down in one instant; everything is laid down all at once. Every event is happening at the same time from the time of the Big Bang, to the formation of the galaxies, to the appearance of life, our birthing and death, to the end of the world and and back to its birth.

From the 4-D perspective, Earth-time is pictured as an endless unfolding of things and events happening simultaneously across the fabric of space-time. There is only “now” and this is all that matters. For us living in the 3-D world, it is almost impossible, though probable, to comprehend the 4-D universe, much less a Multiverse.

The experience we 3-D earthlings have on time is very much different from that of 4-D entities, mind-blowing to say the least because it concerns traveling from one dimension to another dimension and back. This is possible since they have already discovered and mastered new laws of physics that they are able to go around them to their advantage.

This is the reason why, when discussing “Comprehending the Incomprehensible”, I purposely left out time as another dimension. The 10-D universe discussed by String and M theories (11-D if we include time) was already complicated enough to comprehend. To discuss space-time dimension in one breath would make presentations more complicated and very confusing. So, I reserved another article for time as a dimension.

The succeeding presentation can be highly technical and heavy. But this is my basis for proposing a 4-D educational system in addition to our current 3-D programs in formal education. I will try to be as clear and concise as possible.

To illustrate this, allow my imagination (as popularized by Albert Einstein and David Bohm) to run wild. One scenario would go like this. Our multidimensional universe can be depicted as a collection of spherically shaped universe, that are parallel to each other. Please refer to the photo below.

Each block represents one chunk of the universe (U1), containing all the space and time there is to it. We are inside one of these blocks of universe (U2). Our own little block contains our past, present, and future, which is distinct and separate from that of the other blocks.

But we’re unable to see the entire block of the Universe (U1, U2, ... Un) because we are limited only within the bounds of our space-time fabric.

To be able to view the other universes out there and see the entire Cosmos, we need to transcend our own little universe (U2) and even go outside all the blocks that contain the Cosmos. Only then can we get a panoramic view of the Cosmos in its totality (U1, U2, U3, U4, ... Un).

Once outside of U2, we can be privileged to see and witness all the events happening in our little universe (U2), for example, the Big Bang, time, space, matter, its growth and expansion, the formation of atoms and molecules, the birth of our planets and stars, the emergence of the primal cell and life, the birth of the dinosaurs, and so on, in an instant, at one glance.

From this new vantage position, everything that is happening becomes real and experiential to us. We can even see ourselves in each of these unfolding events witnessing what is happening from moment to moment. We exist with the aliens and dinosaurs and their way of life becomes part of us. We belong to the same chunk of universe (U2); we share the same past, present, and future. Their life and existence are as real as ours and it is happening here and now.

Let us describe the happenings in some detail when we go from our own dimension (U2) to a higher dimension. What would we become in U3? Who will we be to the inhabitants there and who will we be for those remaining in U2? This is jumping forward from one universe to another and back.

This is just one overarching attribute of time as another dimension on the same level as space. Its ramifications are diverse: (1) time is an illusion; (2) time is relative; (3) time is invented to measure distances and durations; and, last but not the least, (4) time is cyclical and indefinite.

But to keep my sanity as a 3-D creature, I refrain from going further into my experiment. Suffice it to say that the entire Cosmos can be beyond our mind's comprehension and our attempt to explore it is a journey to the unknown and uncertain. Our only consolation is that in the process we always discover new things that had been previously hidden from us. The more we discover new things, the more we are closer to the truth and the more we understand the totality of the Cosmos and our role in it.

How about designing a 4-D educational curriculum and instructions system in all levels of education and for all types of courses in addition to our current 3-D?

There is a Time, a Place, and a Purpose for Everything

There is a given time for everything and a time for every happening under heaven. ~Ecclesiastes 3:1


Yes, there is a time and place for everything and behind this is a reason and purpose. This is true even in our stages of growth; they happen following the cycle of Nature’s season.  Shocking discoveries correlate at a time when everything in Nature is falling (flowers, leaves, twigs), stripping everything in it (trees, plants, crops) down to its barest form. It is the season of Fall, the time when quantum physics challenges us to question everything we learned, believed, and experienced since childhood and to totally dismiss them, if possible.

The repercussion is doubt and confusion which correspond to the season of Winter. Winter is the time when foxes go deep within the ground to hibernate, while birds migrate to their favorite summer hideaways in the temperate zone or close to the equator. Everything becomes dormant, inactive, passive.

The once clear skies give way to the cloud, projecting a celestial backdrop of darkness and gloom. Eventually, people, unable to manage themselves, become vulnerable to stress, depression, and anxiety attacks. Pharmacists and medical doctors have their heyday, giving prescriptions that all the more aggravate the health of ailing patients.

But then comes Springtime, the time when new insights and ideas flash out and begin to bloom, the time when people become energized and bravely start to stand on their own two feet, and a time when individuals experience sudden “Aha”, “Eureka”, or “Yahoo” moments. This is equivalent to the time when self-realization and enlightenment, discoveries and inventions, abundance and blessings appear out-of-nowhere like a flash of lightning.

People become more alive again and prepare for the season of Summer when everything that had been planted and incubated during the past seasons comes to fruition and eventually harvested for the benefit of everything and everybody in the Cosmos.

In the end, life goes on in a cycle, with all its challenges as we leap from one season to another. It is not smooth and easy but filled with struggles that can affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually. These struggles give us the opportunity to experience what it means to doubt, to be confused as well as the occasion to harness our innermost being that could propel us humans to become more creative, productive, and spiritual.

Every season we become more human, even superhuman, in every risk we take and by the challenges we confront from moment to moment. And this is how quantum physics wants us to view and deal the world around us.

Is Time Linear or Circular: Which is a Better Yardstick?

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – June19, 2021


This is quite technical a presentation but it has something to do with our life that always deals with the past, present, and future and back, always going back in circles and nothing seems happening.

There are so many interpretations but here is one I most preferred, the classical view of Newton.

The energy that propels an object is much stronger than the object's momentum. The force of the individual who is able to throw a stone upwards is stronger than the stone's ability to resist it.

But the individual who is not able to lift the stone means that the stone's energy to resist the force of the individual is much stronger. This is the principle of thermodynamics.

Energy or force tends to rise above, breaking the horizon of space-time and entering a higher realm, carrying along the mass (body) to a much higher realm of existence.

We are living in a closed system and the arrow of time prevails. This means that the law of entropy causes a lack of equality or balance between past and future.

But we are not stones. We are humans. The energy or force also propels us (mass/body) to rise high above a higher plane, with our feet still firmly rooted on the ground.

We can, therefore, experience both the "Earthly Time" and the "Timeless Time" or two realms of existence, the circular and the arrow of time at the same time.

From the perspective of the "Timeless Time," there is no past, no present, and no future.

Anybody observing from this vantage point of view see all events below it happening at the same time. But from the perspective of the one living below, "Earthly Time" or the "Arrow of Time" prevails.

So, to the question: "Is time linear or circular: which is the better yardstick?", my answer is both.

Let's have a series of thought experiment. Imagine yourself watching a movie. After a while, you're being carried by it. You become sad and become teary-eyed. Then, in another scene, you become joyful and happy.

Without you realizing it, you identify yourself with an actor or actress. You become the hero/heroine or the villain or villainess.

Your imagination became intense. You now think you are the scriptwriter, cinematographer, even the director, the producer, and the promoter.

Then, gradually, you see yourself as one of the spectators, moviegoers that sought for entertainment. You are seeing everything and everybody doing their respective roles and functions.

Time to Reflect in Silence and Solitude...

You were changing roles. You were able to leave the movie theater. You were transcending space, time, and matter. You were ascending from one dimension to another.

From that higher plane, you look down, realizing you have soared up the heavens above, without leaving ground zero because you still see yourself watching the movie.

What an awesome and exciting life we have. We can be both here and there, there and here, yet neither here nor there. You're omnipresent, yet, nonlocal. You then realize that you're at home and in communion with your real Self, which is Consciousness.

Have you enjoyed your company up there? Or, were you sad and lonely? These questions are irrelevant. They have no meaning because Consciousness does not feel happy or sad.

It is pure awareness. It has no feelings, no heart, no mind, no thoughts, no desires, no aspirations, no attachments. It's not a doer of action, since it doesn't move.

There's just nowhere else to go because it's everywhere in the matrix of space-time. The entire cosmic field is its arena of action and movement. It's an open system, not closed. So with the "I am". I am always open. It's impossible for me to be closed.

And so we all are. We just have to realize this and let this realization permeate in all the things we do from moment to moment after moment.

Remember that no matter how we spend our energy, we never diminish it because its supply is limitless, boundless, and inexhaustible. The more we use it, the more we conserve it.

In summary, this is Newton's principle of thermodynamics, law of entropy, and law of energy conservation.

See you around, kindred.

Time is an Illusion

July 5, 2016


From the cosmic perspective, there is no such thing as Time, only events happening one after another in Space. And a faculty of our mind, Memory, can recall these events in the past as far as it can go back. From the cosmic view, Time is an illusion.