The Power of Now

Stay Where You Are Wherever You Are

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. - June 13, 2022


The best place to stay is where we are wherever we are and whatever we are doing, simply focusing all our attention on what we’re doing, even if we are just sitting, lying on bed, doing our daily chores, or even doing nothing.

Once in a while, we can be carried by our thoughts. This can happen many times a day. They can bring us to the past or to the future, but never to the present moment. Unfortunately, many of us continue to carry our past and future, making us continually sad and despondent.

Our thoughts are such a burden and bothersome. Like our shadows, they keep on following us, day and night. Their nature and content are a result of the so many conditionings imposed on us by others from the external world.

These conditionings may include our beliefs about who we are, what our role in society is, our future, and what our responsibilities are, all of which we have imbibed unconsciously and willingly without question as our own since birth.

Yet, there is that one entity in us that is distinct and different. It is ever aware of the passing and going of our thoughts but is never disturbed by them. It is never bothered by the memories of the past and the insecurities and worries of the future. For it has no past and no future.

This entity is our Consciousness that gives us our real identity. Consciousness never comes and goes. For it has always existed and will continue to exist for eternity. Unlike our thoughts, Consciousness was never created, never born, and will never die.

It is not a product of our thoughts. It is not dictated and controlled by our mind. On the other hand, Consciousness can subject our mind to its spell and influence.

We can always stay where we are wherever we are and whatever we are doing if we want to. It’s our choice.