Gravity is the direct effect of the curvature of space-time

December 26, 2018


Einstein found that warped space itself causes the acceleration of objects around it. As a consequence, gravity is no longer a force that pulls or pushes objects, as Newton perceived, but a result of adistorton in the curvature of space-time. What curves or warps this geometry of space-time, according to Einstein, is the presence of massive objects in the area that, in turn, guides other objects to move forward or change direction in a linear or circular fashion depending on the nature and size of the objects causing the distortion. The more massive the object, the stronger the gravitational pressure becomes; conversely, the smaller the object, the lesser is the force of gravity.

It should be recalled that Einstein introduced the idea of gravity as a “field,” or “ground,” which carries and transport energy. The earlier detection of its effect makes it possible for us to map out and determine the location and direction of the force at each point in the fabric of space-time. He called this “the gravitational field”. Let’s illustrate the effect of gravity in the case of our Solar System.

The Sun is the most massive object that emits the strongest gravitational force in our Solar System. Its effect is to make all lesser-mass objects, like the planets, move around it. Without the Sun, planets in our Solar System would be flying into space at the speed of light, maybe in search of another massive object, like a Star, to circle around.

Gravity Waves and Gravitational Waves

December 26, 2018


Einstein’s discovery of what gravity is has led to a number of predictions that have held up to experimental testing. One prediction is that gravity emits ripple through the universe, technically referred to as ‘gravitational waves’. During his time, Einstein thought gravitational waves would be too small to detect. But, in February 2016, gravitational waves began to be detected.

Gravitational waves differ from gravity waves. Gravity waves are ripples produced in the realm of planets as a result of their interactions with winds constantly lashing their surface. Gravitational waves are something much stronger and intense. They are produced because planets and their moons as well as other lesser celestial bodies like comets, asteroids, meteorites always move and change their directions causing continuing distortion in space.

Gravitational wave are ripples in the fabric of space-time caused specifically by some violent cosmic events like supernovae, black hole collision, and coalescence of neutron stars or white dwarf stars. The stronger the catastrophic event, the stronger the gravitational wave. Much lesser bodies like humans and nonhuman species also cause distortions in the fabric of space-time although their waves are hardly detectible to us.