The Law of Karma

The Role of Karma

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.DD. – January 1, 2021


I always think of bees as producers of honey. They only sting you when you provoke them. So, don't provoke your honey and your loved ones and they'll give you all the nectar you want and multiply your colony to your heart's content. Sting them and they'll sting and cause you a lot of pains.

Many in the science and religious circles call this karma. What you give out--whether thoughts, words, feelings, and actions--comes back to you. What you sow, you reap and get what you deserve.

Whatever you do could boomerang back on you. In a boomerang relationship, one partner may be committed to the relationship, while the other may be committed to his or her own interest. Both men and women can participate in this type of relationship.

So, let's experiment on this if this is indeed true. Let's try to be more expressive and play boomerang with each other this New Year in our family, place of work, as well as in mainstream and social media.