Their Impact on Us

The Cosmic Force enlivens creation. 

But it can also bring us pains and sorrows

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – December 5, 2021


We are living in a conscious universe that every now and then sends us somebody that springs us into action. Then, it abruptly leaves us just as mysteriously as it appeared. Let’s take the case of Julius Caesar.....

As the story goes, Caesar suddenly halted his troops on the banks of the river Rubicon. He was in a deep dilemma whether to pursue his enemies or not. He turned to his troops and said, “We may still retreat; but if we pass this little bridge, nothing is left for us but to fight it out in arms.”

Unable to decide whether to advance or surrender, the cosmic force intervened. A man, out of nowhere, suddenly appeared. With trumpet on hand, he blew it off with an electrifying blast as a signal to the entire cavalry to advance.

Then, he crossed to the other side, instantly jolting Julius Caesar and the soldiers to follow, with Julius Caesar exclaiming: "Let us go whither the omens of the gods and the inequity of our enemies call us. THE DIE IS CAST." The soldiers immediately sprung into life and followed, only to realize later that the mysterious man was gone, never to be seen again.

This could happen to us. It could be your spouse or loved ones, whom you happened to meet by chance or by some inexplicable coincidence in the past. When you first met, you must have become ecstatic. Together, you felt an instant mutual admiration. Love at first sight. You said you have found your soul mate or twin mate. Not long after, you tied your knots together.

But over the years, your spouse instantly disappeared as quickly as he or she appeared to you many years ago, leaving an indelible imprint on your life. This could be very painful and agonizing for those left behind. And you asked: "Why?".

Nothing happens without a reason. The Cosmos has brought you together for a purpose. Your meeting has been designed. Perhaps, he or she was sent to you to fill a need that ought to be responded to. It could be your need or that of your spouse. And once this need has been answered, your spouse quickly disappeared. The mission, for which your short union was set, has been fulfilled. Mission accomplished.

Let's learn our lessons from that union, short as it might seem to have been. It should help us reflect on the meaning and purpose of our earthly existence as well as our role in our family and in society. People come and go. They cannot be with us forever.

Rather than mourning about the past and worrying about the uncertainty of our future, let's focus our awareness and attention to the opportunities that the present moment may bring us.

Let's not tag along our friends to condole and grieve with us. We will only be spreading our dismal state to others. For our sanity, we must let them go. Let them live in peace. For they too have their own sorrows and pains to confront.

Dancing to the Cosmic Tune

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – October 9, 2021


I was dancing alone to the tune of Tennessee Waltz in one dark starry night, while catching "the breeze and the winter chills in colors on the snowy, linen land."

But my friends who could not hear the music thought I was mentally deranged and they refused to dance with me. They won't hear my plea to swing to that celestial melody, beautifully sung by a choir of angelic voices. I feel like the whole world's gone crazy, with people unable to perceive that heavenly tune. They must be insane not to hear it. Or maybe it is just me.

"Now, I understand, what you tried to say to me

How you suffered for your sanity

How you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they're not listening still.

They did not know how.

Perhaps they never will."

But it's better for me to dance alone while the tune I so love to hear is still being played by an invisible Pied Piper, rather than wanting to dance when the tune is no longer there to choreograph my rhythm and will in fact never be intoned again.

The Mysterious Cosmic Energy Force

July 28, 2023


In the vast expanse of the fabric of space-time lies a mysterious element that have catapulted, is catapulting, and will continue to catapult all things into the realm of of the extraordinary that can still raise us up to the highest level of what and who we can still be. The fact that we still don't know what lies ahead of us is what is making our life exciting and always on the go. 

At our most fundamental level  lies that perplexing energy called in various names lie elan vital, entelechy, chi, prana, kundalini from which we all stem forth. It is this strage element that is the source of everything and unites all the myriad creatures in the Cosmos. This is why we are all connected and related to each other.