Calsado, Bing

What I Learned from ACA

by Bing Calsado


Taking into account the different Development Paradigms which were cleverly and most systematically presented in our Applied Cosmic Anthropology Course, there is indeed much reason to rejoice and be grateful. To a considerable extent, it has given me a firmer grounding on what I have initially come to value in my personal life and mission.

 Having gone through varied academic settings side by side with religious structures and some experiences with international communities, it has been very providential for me to be taking this present course. Personal encounters in human relationships, within and outside the family, in community, in nature, in prayer, silence and solitude, has acquired a newly-found sense of freedom and purpose. Likewise, recent events in our country and around the world have gained further depth and meaning.

The limitless scientific theories presented to explain the nature of things, the world, human beings and even faith, has led me to recognize that science and faith need not contradict each other, but rather, learn to cultivate some healthy, creative space to work together, to listen to each other and mutually grow in wisdom and in grace.

The Western world’s too rational approach of knowing faith needs the Eastern mind’s panoramic awareness and unitive consciousness; while the Eastern mind needs the Western mind’s practical judgment or it gets lost in abstractions. When the two are combined, Faith matures.