Gonzales, Grace

Grace Jiao Gonzales


Long years waited before I started to enroll in this school, it was a confusing but carefully decided to start my study.   After sometimes and continuous/thorough studies, I learned to understand what cosmic anthropology is. Encarta dictionary defines cosmic as the whole universe and anthropology is a study of humankind: the study of humankind in all its aspects, especially human culture or human development.  It differs from sociology in taking a more historical and comparative approach.  From a Christian doctrine concerned with humankind: the parts of Christian doctrine that are concerned with the nature, origin, and destiny of humankind. 

But Applied Cosmic Anthropology does not focus with physical sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities alone but it deals with the relationship of these three sciences. Cosmic anthropology is a rising ground of academic discipline which deals on the "study of humanity (or anthropology) from the cosmic perspective."

The ACA gives so much influence to me as an educator.  It is an inspiration and perspiration at the same time for it widens the ideas of our humanity.  One of the biggest impacts to me is our discussion on creation story. Although it is not easy to discuss it with my students, it gives me a moment to ask, reflect, and internalize the whole story.  Whatever and whenever there is truth on it, still God is the creator and author of life.  Life that must flourish and sustain, that looks on the perspective meaning of academic discipline and human perspective on cosmos.  Knowing our history helps us to understand our culture and values, or who we are and our purpose and destiny as well. 

As a Social Studies and Filipino Christian Living Professor gives me a deeper perspective of our being.  It helps me to understand my students (both in secondary and in college-young and adult). Another is the impact of the ideas represented in quantum physics, which makes me appreciate what it is all about, like energy is not permanent, but tiny and distinct units. The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in. The element is like particles and waves. The movement of these units and their capacity for progressive development is impossible to know at the same time, since they are intrinsically random and unpredictable.

 In this regard, I and my students thought of new things as the renewal of consciousness on environment and on economics.  Now, beyond the textbooks we usually use additional information to my students and colleagues.