Kallumkal, George

The Benefits That ACA Brings

by Fr. George Augusthy Kallumkal


Applied Cosmic Anthropology is a gift for the modern society to make the people to open their eyes for a transformation starting from the personal self to the institution in which we belong, and to the society in which we live. It is an invitation for self-realization  and for planning  for the future in order to have a better meaningful relationship, in words and deeds, with each other the grass root level.

ACA is clarion call for interiorization and commitment, for collective wisdom. In this way, together we can make a difference at the global level as we progress. I see it as a tool for harmony and peaceful coexistence, and a means for healing and wellness.

Nowadays, science and technology bring good things in our life, good things to our Institute but we have to reflect on the values that they carry; they need to align to the views that we espouse and the values that we live by.