Omakhova, Irina

What I Learned About Cosmic Anthropolog

by Irina Otmakhova


The most stunning revelation of the entire course on Cosmic Anthropology was the discussion on the possibility that the human kind had been created by the beings from a different planet. According to the Sumerian epic of creation Enuma Elish the humans were not only created as a result of cross-breeding experiment with various animals, but the whole purpose of their creation was to serve the other more advance and more intelligent beings – gods - that temporally reigned on the planet Earth.

Honestly, the notion of seeing oneself as a product of such cross-breeding down through many generations is, to say the least, shocking. Is it an unacceptable suggestion? A blasphemy? For some it most certainly is. For me personally this is a scenario of human development that evokes tons of curiosity and poses more questions than there are available answers out there.

The idea of the alien influence on the evolution of the human race is not novel to me. Before being confronted with the information on the Annunaki, the alien race that appeared on Earth every 3600 years, I already have been exposed to the information on the high beings from the seven sisters or the constellation of Pleiades as it is commonly known in many cultures. According to various sources[1] it was the Pleiadians who came on planet Earth about 100,000 years ago and by mixing  genetically with the existing back-then humanoids caused a shift in human consciousness setting us on a path of mastering our intelligence and gradual spiritual awakening.  

Apparently there is a great variety of information available on the interaction between the alien life forms and humans which I am not yet familiar with, but I most certainly accept their right to be. As some of them might indeed carry the seeds of truth, while others appear a sheer product of imagination. One striking version of cosmic reality is presented in the account of a true experience by the Frenchman Michel Desmarquet who has been physically transported to the planet “Thiaoouba” by the highly evolved beings. The people of Thiaoouba communicated to the earthling the many revelations regarding the history of human evolution on Earth as well as on the other planets. The central message of the highly evolved beings to the humans was that material technology, without spiritual knowledge would be leading to inevitable global catastrophe on Earth. “Technology should ASSIST in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to enslave people within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway”[2]

So whether we are modeled by the aliens or simply assisted by them in our evolution may not even matter at this point of our development. What matters in the present is indeed the process of awakening or re-awakening to our spiritual potential that is bound to shift the course of our collective action from self-destruction towards a more elevated level of existence.

The discipline of cosmic anthropology while being probably the youngest among its peers in the field of the social sciences is building up a new mould for understanding and experiencing reality by incorporating a wealth of scientific, religious and esoteric knowledge. By building bridges among the disciplines and by illuminating the dusty corners of all three houses of knowledge so that people as discerning individuals can make their own choices as to what body of knowledge serves the purpose of human evolvement as cosmic beings and which ones can be discarded as a product of reasoning limited by fear, dogma, power and the presumption of separation.

This brings me to a brief discussion about one particular aspect that humanity has the most illustrative love and hate relationship with – the present day monetary system. Our more evolved brothers and sisters from planets of higher planes of existence (Thiaoouba people, or citizens of the planet represented in the movie “The Green Beautiful”) are very critical about the way humans arranged their economic transactions. And indeed, in the face of so much inequality, poverty and starvation in the world which contrasts to the glowing facades of multi-billionnaire living, there is enough reason to be concerned and thoroughly question the present day financial modus operandi.

The ideal societies are portrayed as operating on mutual trust and honest exchange of products, energy together with respect and deepest level of love to the fellow human beings. Is this ever achievable within the money grid? Surprisingly, the discipline of cosmic anthropology offers a unique perspective on this matter as well. Instead of cursing the money as the root of all evil, it invites individuals into the consciousness of cosmic being through discovering the routes towards cosmic abundance. This abundance should not necessarily come at cost of someone else’s misery, but instead be generated by the values based actions that consider the well-being of all, where all means what it says – all there is – humans, flora, fauna, earth, and the entire universe.

This is a challenge to the human kind which implies a lot of hurdles and lessons to learn along the way. Isn’t it what all social systems inspired by the idealistic visioning of humanity were aiming to achieve after all? And so far, we keep going in circles. Is it where our genuine spiritual development is put to test? How well can we translate the spiritual awakening that so many of us experience nowadays into the practical matters such as choices of food, housing or investment opportunities?

It seems to me it is only when we polish our economic transactions within the same old monetary system, it is when each and every transaction, acquisition, donation or barter exchange shines the same lights as our awakened hearts are shining, this will be the moment that we can say that we shifted to a higher dimension of life and the Earth is safe with us as her revering guardians. This will also be the time for our alien relatives – those who might have manufactured us in their own image, and those who have silently accompanied us through ups and downs of human existence, to finally come to us in the open and greet us as equals opening up avenues for a truly cosmic/intergalactic/cross-multiverse collaboration.

[1] Books from the “Kryon” series by Carol Lee; “Path of Empowerment. Pleiadian Wisdom for a workd in Chaos” by Barbara Marciniak