Gosgolan, Gemma

Gemma Gosgolan


"When I came in to our class during our first meeting, I could feel the angst creeping within my whole system. I know I need to confront whatever is left of my worry when I enrolled in this program. Got this apprehension when I enrolled in Applied Cosmic Anthropology having a different kind of orientation: Guidance and Counseling and  Psychology. Will I ever make it in this program? I thought it would be far off from my line of “expertise.”

Blame it to the kind of education that I got, the so-called specialist-oriented type of education. My years of stay at ASI, however, removed this apprehension and opened my being to a different kind of paradigm. It’s like being transported to another planet in the universe, where topics discussed seemed to be a mystery being unveiled before my very eyes bit-by-bit. It was indeed a humbling experience for me. And wow, "cooperativism" from the cosmic perspective! It is another form of God’s revelation of His very nature - God of Creativity, Connectivity, and Communion. I look at it as an invitation to enter into and commune with His Divine Being."