Castro, Leo de

To Quench My Thirst

by Leodegario P. de Castro


Really, I wish to thank you for opening me up to a whole new field of Applied Cosmic Anthropology. I have always wondered why I have been drawn into this field of studies. If not for the chance to chat with Ms. Evelyn Magnata who invited me to join the Orientation Session, I would not have gotten into ACA that soon. Like the ASI spirit, as an ASI Alumnus being a graduate of MS Sociology, I was welcome to sit in the group.

But I have asked myself many times, why did I ever came back to ASI and join that Orientation Session during the opening of the semester for the doctoral students the previous year even though I haven’t decided to enroll at that time yet. But then again, I came back the next Saturday and found myself filling up the application form and seeking the approval of Dr. Mina Ramirez to allow me to join the ranks of the new students since classes have already started. Gradually, as I ended my shopping, I gladly joined the class and got me into the ACA Doctoral Program. Truly, it was an affirmation for me of the saying “when the student is ready, the teacher (master) will come.”

The Saturdays that I spent in the class were truly an amazing experience for me ever since. I found an oasis in ASI where the energy field is so strong. Every time I needed to be recharged, I will just plug myself in the ACA dimension. I felt that the cosmos has been very kind to me to give me this opportunity to engage myself in this field of study where not many students would easily and hastily delve into.
The first two semesters provided me the foundation to further continue on my own quest for knowledge about the ACA. As a student, I have my own struggles in the new discourse about the universe story, the original blessings, from the big bang where it all started, from chaos to order, and so on.

As I was brought up in the old mold of traditional and conventional religion and belief system, ACA has been trying to infuse a new and refreshing way of looking at things without being judgmental or moralistic. It is allowing me to think outside of the box and process our own experience in a more humanistic and wholistic approach without being constrained by certain doctrine or prejudice. Thanks to the lessons on the various dimensions of the human being and the corresponding inputs from the different disciplines and the many wonderful sources about the subject matter. Awesome!

The sacred experience of the rituals was so enriching for me, so much that it has always reminded me that as human beings, we have so much blessings to share. The feeling of great awe whenever the topic of how the universe came to order. There is a sacred feeling of being touched by the Great Spirit and the awesome power of the Divine. Relish!
In the same fashion that I’m grappling with the broadening of my own consciousness, I tried to express the new learning and perspective in my own life, at home, at work and various social engagements I found myself dipping into. My own experiences in living out this new consciousness also lead me towards understanding deeper the dynamics of the people and their communities, our own society and the global village…again from the cosmic perspective.

Our ACA classes has continually broadened my understanding, sharpened my physical senses and prepared me mentally to accept new ideas and perspectives in looking at how the universe came about and the place of the human beings in this planet… again from the cosmic perspective.

Of course, there were some sleepless nights when I tried to ponder upon how human beings came to be in this planet. And also think about our relationship with extraterrestrial beings. I developed a feeling that we really are not alone in the universe. There are other beings that live with and amongst us. And perhaps, the God of the ancient is watching over us. Well, as has been said, “take it as a form of entertainment.”

To the Anunnakis, the Sumerian Tablets, by the way could be comparable to the present Galaxy Tablet now available in the market, depict an ancient history older than the Bible. The Planet Nibiru or the Planet X and the phenomenon of global warming…which could really be happening (who knows) and foretells the future of our own planet.

How can I ever forget the diligence of Dr. Paul Dejillas about going over one by one on the theories and perspective of Cosmic Anthropology? The nostalgic yet energizing background music whenever I open my browser to the cosmic anthropology website. It is as if I don’t want to leave the site anymore and stay there longer than I imagine I could. Many times, I just don’t want to sign out. This new perspective is beginning to emerge in me as I go on with my daily life. I am discovering a new well where I could draw fresh water from in order to quench my thirst and the other people around me. This is a well of knowledge which comes from the study of Applied Cosmic Anthropology. I am happily reading new book titles and have included them in my own book list.

It is also allowing me to rediscover my own self as I try to look into the different facets of being human from the cosmic perspective. I would think and feel I have been energized by the ACA source. ACA for me is a new way of looking at things and understanding of the socio-cultural, economic, political, environmental phenomena that are unfolding in our midst. This new sensitivity brings about new awareness, values and attitude. A cosmic perspective that brings to light new consciousness that is responsive to the signs of the times and the challenges of the rapidly changing society.

I also deeply appreciate the lesson on “accessing cosmic abundance” in this challenging times when most people are finding hard to earn a leaving. This is another energy field that has been opened and which could be a gateway to the cosmic abundance. A wealth portal.

Grateful to be part of ASI-ACA.