Silence and Solitude

One second of silence is infinitely significant, science says

December 10, 2022


Yes, one second of experiencing silence is even too long compared with Planck's time (which is approximately 10^-43 seconds or 43 zeros to the left of a second). On this scale, the entire geometry of spacetime as predicted by general relativity breaks down. Planck time is when everything becomes timeless, spaceless, omnipresent, infinite, eternal, immortal, omnipotent, and omniscient, features that parallel to the divine attributes of religion and mysticism.

Planck time belongs to another dimension beyond our 4-dimensional world. It's a realm populated by metaphysical entities and extraterrestrial beings. For the past decades, cosmologists, astrophysicists, and astronomers continued to establish contact and communications with the world beyond our horizon.Their efforts have been rewarded. Recently, quantum physicists announced that they have detected that Planck Time is the same as or equal to God Time. As minute a time is Planck Time, it gives us the opportunity to commune with our Creator.

This tells us in turn how precious and significant it is to spend even a few seconds of silence daily. One of these moments could be the enlightenment and self-realization we have been longing for.

Silence and Solitude

December 9, 2021


I'm not totally into it yet. But small doses of inexplicable and ineffable experiences are slowly making me realize that it's in silence and solitude that the unrevealed are revealed, the unborn born, the uncreated created, the unknown known, the unliberated liberated, the potentialities realized, the weary and burdened given rest. The more time I spend in silence and solitude, the less I become concerned about socializing and fraternizing, campaigning and pontificating, proselytizing and evangelizing.


Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 15, 2022


It is often said that if you want to explore our multidimensional Cosmos, meditate and you'll be transported immediately out there in any higher dimension you wish--5th, 6th, 7th, or even beyond. And don't procrastinate. Start now, doing it, say 15-20 minutes a day upon rising from your bed and before retiring to bed at night. And do it daily, so you can listen to what the cosmic forces out there may tell you. Remember, it's listening, not talking or praying.

Alone But Not Lonely

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – July 4, 2021


Lonely But No Longer Boring. The meaning of "loneliness" has greatly changed. Yes, it still means being alone feeling bored doing the same monotonous tasks daily like cooking, washing dishes, or doing laundry. But today we have a cellphone on hand. We use them even during meals and gatherings. But many of us have not managed the use of our cell phones wisely, triggering fatal effects.

Time to Take a Step Backward and Reflect

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D.

October 3, 2016


Just as the planets retrograde, so is humanity. All the planets will at some point in time appear to go back in space and time. This reminds me of the Chinese anecdote "one step backward and two steps forward."

In these trying times, we are impelled to step back and be alone, away from the incessant pandemonium, the hassle and bustle of this chaotic world we live in.

One could spend this solitary mode alone in the forest, strolling on a beach, or sitting under a tree, where the mind is stilled and not allowed to wander. Or, even in your own little room where you can't be disturbed by anybody for a while.

Spending time alone in silence is simply awareness of the present moment, riding on the stream of its currents just as the river rides on the flow of its own force to an unknown destination.

When the mind is clipped, the innate potentiality of the primal force begins to explode, and the individual's ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness are set in motion.

It is in moments like these that the unknown becomes known, the unexplored becomes explored, and the invisible becomes visible. Only the brave who dare face the risk of the journey are able to enter this horizon, where surprises and magical phenomena, not common in the physical realm, are bound to appear.

This is how the process of evolution and the cosmic scheme of ordering and transforming reality proceed, a process that in turn spontaneously broadens our understanding of who or what we really are, what our role is, and what our future and destiny are in the entire cosmic arrangement.

Truly, the planets, stars, and galaxies are sending us messages and information. As Nicola Tesla discovered: "In the Universe, there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength, inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know it exists."

Albert Einstein was aware of the limitation of the mind to discover these messages: "The intellect has little to do on the road to discovery." He described his alternative approach as "a leap in consciousness or intuition," a state of awareness of one's being where solutions can come to us, and we "don't know how or why."

Whatever one discovers beyond our material realm can only be appropriate to the purpose and future the individual has been seeking in life.