Are dreams at night real?

August 22, 2021


I strongly feel it is. In my dreams, I also eat, drink, talk with people, drive my car, swim, or even drive an airplane, even pray and play.

If it isn’t real, what then is this world at night that functions just like the world I live during the day? How is the world of darkness different from the world of light?

Or, are they just part of the same cosmic architecture that ought to be recognized in our day-to-day life? If they are, is this “I” that sleeps and dreams at night the same “I” as the one who is fully awake during the day?

If they are different, who is the “I” who sleeps and dreams at night? How is the world of darkness different from the world of light?

I feel I am living in two separate worlds. There is an “I” living in the world when I am fully awake, while another exists in the world of dreams when I am asleep.

Both worlds give me different pictures of who I am. If this is so, who does the construction, organization, and execution of all this? Is there such an organizing entity or principle?

To Dream or Not to Dream? That's Not the Question Anymore!

August 31, 2020


There’s no way we could go on applying today’s societal framework without compromising humanity’s vision of a new world where peace, justice, integrity of creation, and love reign supreme.

Others are saying that any vision of the future is utopia, a dream which everybody wants to establish in society; it can never be realized.

I say yes, it can never be realized because no-one believes it can be realized. So, everybody ignores dreams and continue to use the same models and programs that in the first place were the ones responsible for the problems we are facing today.

But times and our conditions have already changed and we are still using the same theories only because of our belief that dreams can’t come true.

As educators, we are born to dream and we express it in terms of vision, mission, and goals as well as theories and hypotheses.

So, we dream. We let our dreams, our imaginations, and our intuitions go wild, unrestricted, believing deep down in our hearts that dreams and visions can be realized.

Even if the probability of success as well as the level of confidence and certainty is just one percent, we give it a try. After all, the world we live in now is only a product of our dreams.

The Science of Dreams

February 26, 2018


When we dream, we are transported to another world that is beyond our physical realm. We may dream that we are riding on a bus, driving a car, talking to people, walking alone in the forest or along the beach.

We may eat and drink, laugh or cry, fight or make love. We might even be talking and communing with some extraterrestrial beings or entities, angels or demons.

Every event happening in the dream world is real. We see, feel, hear, taste, and smell everything. The things we do in the dream world are exactly similar to what we might be doing in the physical realm. They are as real as the things happening in the physical realm.

Yet, when we wake up, there is no denying the fact that what happened last night was just a dream and we immediately dismiss it altogether as fantasy or illusion.

But dreams have their solid foundations in physics; they cannot just be ignored and dismissed.


Quantum physics say that dreams emit energy that travels in the form of electromagnetic waves across space-time in various forms and frequency levels.

The term “electromagnetic” is a concoction of the terms “electricity” or light and “magnet."

“Electricity,” in physics, gives off light; in turn, light dispels darkness and the object or individual affected is said to be illumined or enlightened.

The individual who is illumined becomes energized and full of vigor. He or she is often on fire, never at rest, always on the move.

“Magnet” attracts or repels neighboring objects and individuals in varying degrees. Some are drawn into the light, while others are repelled by its glare and intense heat.


Electromagnetic waves travel across and beyond the fabric of space-time. Quantum physics explains this in terms of what it calls the "quantum-entanglement principle."

In the cosmic perspective, the physical, mental, and spirit realms are so well-knitly interwoven with each other and tightly connected that they form one inseparable, indistinguishable realm.

To dismiss the dream world as pure illusion is to miss the entire picture of the Cosmos we are living in.


Quantum physics theorize that dream energy carries with it a force that energizes us to move forward.

What this underlying force is and how it affects our growth and transformation is something only each and everyone of us can explore.

For it differs in content and intensity depending on our level of evolution, existing resources, the conditions directly surrounding us, prevailing beliefs, and our level of awareness and knowledge.

Some try to decode dreams through palmistry, Tarot cards, hypnotherapy, astrology, cosmology, reading the signs of the times, communicating with discarnate spirits, and even through divination and witchcraft.

In the ancient past, as it is today, we had prophets, priests, priestesses, magicians, witches, and oracles that devoted their lives to interpreting dream messages and relaying these to the people.

Often, they formed the inner circle of governments and were consulted by emperors, kings, and presidents, as in the case of the Oracle of Delphi and Joseph of Egypt.


This was how governments and societies evolved and prospered in the ancient past. Indeed, over the millennia, dreams sustained the life and growth of great nations and civilizations that, today, we can say "a dreamless world is a lifeless world."

Dreams In Science and Technology

July 23, 2016


Science talks about parallel universes or multiverses as alternate realities that can be accessed through dreams.

Realities Start as Dreams

July 16, 2016


I dream that someday we can have a world without leaders and governments, a world populated only by individuals who are able to rule and govern their own selves.

Dreams are Messages

June 26, 2016


Dreams are means through which God, the discarnate spirits, angels, and even our dead ancestors communicate with is.