Synchronicity for a Reason!

April 21, 2021


Synchronicity is an unexplained occurrence of events that are somehow related to what Albert Einstein referred to as spooky, that is, something that defies the laws of physics, logic, causality, determinism, and probability. In other words, it's extraordinary, something that happens from out of this physical world. It's not real.

Synchronicity, then, is, for the experiencer, a personal evidence that there's something out of this physical world that physics can't explain. Since it is not real from the perspective of the physical, many scientists call it an illusion, a figment of imagination on the part of the experiencer.

At the same time, other scientists also maintain that, if this is indeed experienced by the individual, then, the metaphysical realm has some influences on the physical and/or vice versa, that is, the conscious experiencer is able to go beyond the horizon of the physical, and be in union and communication with the metaphysical. This is the same as saying that the consciousness of the individual can also shape and restructure the metaphysical.

The coincidental event may be in the form of two (or more) individuals noticing each other's accidental meeting. They may not know each other, but somehow they feel a deeper connection and strong mutual vibration, as if they had met already before, and their chance encounter is a sort of deja vu, but don't know when, why, or how.

What happens next is the unveiling of circumstances that could explain the why of the synchronous convergence, that is if both so decide to pursue the process of synchronicity.

So, what gives meaning and relevance to synchronicity? Why do they happen? Does it have messages to relay to both worlds?

Well, it depends on the nature and cause of the event. Some happen to announce that something has already happened, say, a loved one may have died a few minutes before the encounter takes place.

Others are predictive, that is, to warn the individual of an impending event, which the individual may be able to forewarn and avoid the occurrence, if he or she so decides.

Still others occur to alert the individual that his or her life is simply going around in a never-ending circle, and is unable to proceed and move on spiritually. This type may jolt the individual, who may be carrying some baggage that he or she cannot dispose of. Attachment to this baggage is very strong and the individual is reminded to make a decision, once and for all.

But in order for synchronicity to happen, one must be aware and conscious of it. There is no synchronicity if one does not notice or is not aware of what is happening. The synchronous events, that is, the experiencer and the event, must grab each other's attention.

The attention of the observer of the anomaly that is going on around at that particular moment must be present or the baffling event at that moment snatches the attention of the observer.

Either way, it's the same. There's an ongoing communication between the two, that can be felt primarily through intuition, gut-feeling, or mutual resonance. What the final outcome will be remains uncertain. It will depend on how the two respond to each other from moment to moment.

If this happens to you and you're not comfortable doing it, do it anyway and just let yourself go with the flow. Let the event lead you to a place and time where it wants you to go. Trust the Cosmos. Trusting its laws unconditionally is better than consciously suspecting it.

Well, there you are. Always live the present consciously because some synchronous events are always happening to shape our present and future.


Multiple Unexplained Events

Jun 30, 2016


There could be multiple synchronicities. Four types of synchronicities are identified: predictive, guiding, reflective, and testing. It's to our advantage if we know what these types are and how they work.