What is Intuition?

July 23, 2016


Intuition is the ability to receive instant or immediate information without the use of reasoning. It usually comes as a flash of insight, a quick hunch, an inkling, or gut-feeling.  It is a higher faculty that is independent of the mind. 

How do we know that we are having an intuition? What are its signs and manifestations? Why should it be taken seriously?


June 23, 2016


Helen Elizabeth Williams states that: "Our intuition is a fascinating sensation, one that is so unique and profound that it can be a little difficult to explain. When spirit guides deem necessary, they send us these insights that we experience as flashes of intuition.

"They tend to come out of — literally — nowhere but are always of extreme importance. Many of us tend to tune out of our intuitive capabilities and it’s really unfortunate for them, because intuition is a valuable source of information.

"Intuition can also be the result of lessons that we have mastered in previous incarnations. Whenever you have the sensation of “instinctively” knowing something, it’s either because your spirit guide is sending you the much-needed information or because you have already mastered this lesson in a previous incarnation and your soul knows what’s in your best interest."

She describes “gut feeling” as follows:

"Often times, we get this eerie feeling that we just can’t seem to place. A lot of people experience this strange sensation and many don’t really understand what it is.

"The “gut feeling” happens when our spirit guide is trying to communicate something important to us, and purpose of the strange feeling is to make us aware of a certain reality or to make us question the current decision. It’s usually a good idea to pay attention to such feelings."

Looks Out For Us

Helen Elizabeth Williams

Posted By sunshyne49 on August 22, 2016

Female Intuition, Premonition, or Gut Feeling

June 26, 2016


Science and mysticism have explanations for it. But understandably the males will have their say too.