Gut-Feeling and Premonition

June 5, 2022


Yet, we are not only material and psychosocial beings. We are not only physical composed of atoms and molecules governed by the laws of physics, logic, and causality.

We are not only bodies, brains, and minds. We are also paranormal beings, able to communicate with the invisibles and the unseen. In so doing, we begin to make productive use of our intuition, gut-feeling, creativity, premonition, and to become more conscious of synchronous and serendipitous events.

More so, we are spiritual and divine beings, regulated by an invisible energy or some cosmic forces that can even defy the laws of entropy and thermodynamics.

Our future maybe uncertain but only two things can happen to us. We can either rise up to other dimensions of existence or go tumbling down to lower levels of existence.

As many say: “We can evolve and we can devolve”. We can go up to become bigger and better than what and who we are today or we can go down to the level of animals.

Everything is possible. It’s our choice.

But note that whichever way we are going, no moral judgments are delivered. One path is not better than the other. Yet, we are still accountable for the consequences of our choices and actions. No exceptions. We have to account for them one day.


October 13, 2016





"...if we don’t take care of our ‘gut feelings,’ or that ‘sinking feeling in our stomachs,’ then we usually suffer the consequences.

"A Scientific American article sums it up quite well,

“Our brain and gut are connected by an extensive network of neurons and a highway of chemicals and hormones that constantly provide feedback about how hungry we are, whether or not we’re experiencing stress, or if we’ve ingested a disease-causing microbe.”

"The entire gastrointestinal tract responds to emotions – fear, excitement, pain, sadness, passion, and more.

"Since there is two-way communication going on between the brain in our heads and the ‘brain’ in our guts, we can feel a stomach upset when we aren’t feeling happy, just as easily as if we were to eat a meal at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant that didn’t exactly reward our sense of adventure.

"That’s where the use of ancient Ayurvedic remedies become important to our overall health. Here are five of them."


Gut-Feeling and Book Writing

October 15, 2021


Books tell stories, many stories in fact. What makes them extraordinary is that they are written by people gifted with the ability, talent, and power to dig what is hidden from within them and obtain insights and wisdom, not usually revealed to ordinary people.

Gifted people seem to rely on their gut-feeling and intuition without regard to causality, logic, and reason. Out of this, they are able to produce art, concepts, symbols, music, songs, dances, poems, languages, history, and other forms of concrete expressions not commonly available to laypeople.

I can say this is true, not only to authors, but even to bloggers in the social media that produce daily commentaries on events, memes, trolls, bots, throwbacks, "tik-toks", live videos, YouTube, and online talks.

So, as you encounter stories written in books or other forms of print media, don't ignore them. Think deep. For their stories may carry with them information that could be of help to you in your day-to-day life.

You too can become extraordinarily gifted once you're able to deliberately examine your inner self and go beyond your existing beliefs, prevailing views, prejudices, biases, and preconceived notions.

My Gut-Feeling and Curiosity

August 2, 2021


For many years, I often asked myself: "Can I go beyond science and religion?" "Can I go beyond my mind and heart?"

My curiosity and gut-feeling are confident I can. And this has become my obsession, to explore and dig the Cosmos as far as my finite mind can go. Science and religion will not go out of their way just to cater to my personal concern. My transcendental quest does not have anything to do with them. Only I can do this and I'm on my own.

It could be that my curiosity and wild imagination are getting hold of me. But I unleashed them nonetheless. Whether or not I'll be able to discover something beyond science and religion, whatever that is, I will only know if I pursue my search.

And, over the years, I have ventured into the unknown, finding new things along the way, things and events I would never have expected. But this short post is not intended to enumerate my findings. They are already chronicled in my four cosmic books.

If you're as curious as any child is, you may try it for yourself and you will know and discover what I'm talking about. What you will know and discover along the way could be very different from what I encountered. But I can assure you, it's something that only relates to your own life.