Dreams and Imaginations

November 11, 2022


This is how we progressed in the past. And so will it be in the future. Everything, in fact, is a by-product of our dreams and imaginations. The external world is a product of our dreams imaginations. With our dreams and imaginations, what we think, feel, and do happen. All of creations are in fact a result of our dreams imaginations.

In like manner, we ourselves are also products of somebody’s dream and imagination—by our ancient ancestors, grandparents, and parents. We can even say with the Italian Poet Dante Alighieri, that we are all a product of divine dream and imagination, the primordial source of all dreams and imaginations.

But sometimes we wonder why our dreams and imaginations never materialize.

Maybe, there’s something wrong with them. Perhaps something could be amiss and our target blurred.

So, the first lesson is:

1. “Know what and where your target is.” What precisely is your dream and imagination? What do you really want to happen? Where do you want them to happen?

2. “Be sure that it is your own-made target. Don’t rely on others to define your dream and imagination. For they too have their own which may be entirely different from yours.

3. “Be sure that you have a 20-20 vision, otherwise your focus of the target can be blurry and indiscernible.” Avoid anything that distracts your attention and focus.

4. “Be clear of your goals and purposes.” Why do you really want to have them? Do you really deserve them? Are they aligned with the will, intent, and design of the cosmic forces?

5. “Don’t compromise with the cosmic forces by saying: ‘If not this, I want this…’” This could be self-serving. You're trying to let the cosmic forces adjust to your whims rather than the other way around.

6. "Do not promise anything to the Cosmos as a sort of appreciation once it grants your favors. This is a form of bribery, a no-no when we want to open ourselves to the cosmic forces and establish harmonious relationship with them.

6. “Be realistic and rationale in what you dream and imagine.” The world we live in is not a world of luck, accidence, and luck. It’s not the world of ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’, where we can even have three irrational and illusionary wishes.

Asking the Cosmos to win the lottery in order to get out of your hardship in life is not the way of doing it. The Lord of Creation knows your life struggles even before you tell it and it can let you win the lottery if it so desires to. This is what happened to me many years back.

7. “Be alert of any synchronous and serendipitous events from moment to moment.” Some people, object, or events may come unexpectedly and may surprise you anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances.

8. “Prepare for their coming and realization.” They can happen when you least expect it. They can even come to you even when you’re deep asleep or half-awake.

9. “Pursue your goal and purpose relentlessly.” They may come or not. So, expect nothing. For the future, however we may think of it, is always uncertain. But never tire of dreaming and imagining.

Everything that is happening to us now, and will continue to happen, is occurring because of our dreams and imaginations. It’s even implanted in our genes and DNA already, ready to manifest itself given the right time, ingredients, and conditions.

Everything is destined to happen because of our dreams and imaginations.

So, never tire of dreaming and imagining. For "yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it." ~ Rudyard Kipling.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow is Someone Waiting for Me

September 25, 2022


Yes, but I'm only imagining.

Because of the lingering global pandemic, we have learned to harness the power of our imagination. What we imagine, we create and becomes a reality. That’s how powerful our imagination is.

Imagination takes us to places anywhere in the Cosmos at a speed much faster than light. You think of flying to Mars, Pluto, dark holes, and Andromeda galaxy and you are there instantaneously.

Distance and time no longer matter. Imagine that you’re dancing with the stars and it will happen. Imagine going to heaven and hell or to God, to some stellar beings, and you’ll be there in company with them instantly. Because of our imagination, everything becomes possible.

Ironically, this is not true in the case of human relationship. Why is it that if we have a crush on someone, it never materializes? As a result, we spend most of our time simply imagining to be in company with this guy.

Why is this so?

I’m not a psychologist, behavioralist, or counselor. And I don’t really know why human relationship is such a complicated thing. This could be the reason why many people simply prefer to dream and live in a state of imagination, hoping that everything would later become a reality.

For to abandon our imagination could mean losing lots of opportunities it may bring. Who knows it might actually happen! Imagination is like a rainbow. At the end of it could be your someone carrying a heavy pot of gold.

I am an Extraterrestrial Being

Paul J. Dejillas, Ph.D. – August 25, 2021


Let's make full use of my imagination. I imagine I am an extraterrestrial entity and being that inhabits in one of the entire fabric of space and time out there in the galaxies. And this was what I was once doing.


I was always roaming around the galaxies and the heavens above, hopping from one planet to another to ensure the safety and security of all its populace. I was the captain of our Mothership alone in the meantime, with a dozen crews each with their respective little ships roving across the universe. All was quiet, peaceful, and calm for the moment. I have all the time to have a little leisurely chat with my crews in Spaceships A and B.


The word 'chat' can be a little misleading, especially for the human species. For we don't communicate in words or hand gestures. In the first place, we don't have mouths or hands. We don't have a face or the body of a human being. We only take a physical form when required to appear, especially before humans. We are pure energy, transmitting our thoughts in the form of electromagnetic waves and detected by others in varying levels of frequency and variation, depending on their level of ascent in the entire cosmic evolutionary process. I used to live in Planet Earth, but I chose to ascend to a higher dimension of existence. 


Because of our ability and power to defy the physical law of gravity, time, and space, we were regarded  us as God, gods, or goddesses by those lower beings we visited in other galaxies across the universe. We are even immortalized in many of their sacred scriptures, calling us giants, Lords, or angels. This is understandable because to them, we are superhumans that can do wonders and miracles beyond what they can even possibly imagine.


Our fast-moving spaceships can maneuver in any direction in an instant as well as appear and disappear and travel faster than the speed of light. They call our space carriers 'chariots of the gods'. This is because they are powered by enormous amount of energy that allow intergalactic journeys. Once energy is consumed we can always refuel from the energy of the Sun or even galaxy. With all these tremendous powers and resources, we are worshipped by humans in their temples and churches, molding statues of our images, always giving us offerings, which are made more dramatic and colorful by their elaborate costumes, songs, dances, and rituals.


But, in reality, I am not really imagining because, even while still on earth, I was able to go to the fifth dimension, and I am still able to do so if I want to. 

Chillax, folks. Relaxation is good for our body, mind, and spirit. Let's not be too serious in life. The pandemic will end just as darkness will give way to light. Let's not cling to our shadows.