Revelation and Manifestation

by Paul J. Dejillas

May 9, 2022


Yes, revelation can be divine. The revelation of Yahweh to Moses was divine. There is such a thing as divine revelation in quantum physics. Our concepts of God, hell, or heaven are still defined by the concept of Dante Alighieri.

God reveals himself according to the needs of the time. Apparitions in Fatima. It’s not for her to interpret. It’s for the Church to interpret for us. And our interpretation goes with time as well as economically, political, technologically, scientifically, and technologically.

There is a progression in the evolution of history.

There is no hell. Heaven is pure positivity. Hell is the opposite. Hell is a state of negativity. Evil is the absence of evil. But there is no such thing as evil. Because the very existence of evil still connotes the presence of something that is positive and good. Whatever God created was good. Take out that goodness and there is no existence.

There is no such thing as eternal hell. There can only be temporary suffering which is purgatory.

We are all in the process of transition, but in the end, we will all go to heaven.

The goodness of God prevails. Everlasting fire is just a first line of defense. If people will believe that hell is just temporary, then, everybody will be immoral. For in the end, we will all be saved.